Say Goodbye to Yesterday

Shirley Kiger

HISTORICAL:  Annabelle Jordan has lost her way. She is a fallen woman in 1878 America, shunned in her hometown.  Her daughters are treated the same way.  As she struggles to decide how to best take care of her daughters and secure a respectable future for them, she also struggles with her relationship with God. She decides to travel west to a fort where the father of her daughters is serving to try to convince him to marry her, as he promised years ago. On the train west, she meets Major Carlton Radcliffe, who seems to always be around when Annabelle is most in need of saving. 

Ms. Connolly depicts a very heartbreaking loss that the reader experiences right along with Annabelle as she is rejected by her church community and must leave to try and secure a new home for herself and her girls. Although it is a poignant and uplifting story of a woman who struggles to return to her faith in God, it is riddled with jumps in the timeline cutting out vital components of the story and leaving the reader questioning what happened. It is also full of historical inaccuracies and implausible situations. Though this can be distracting, the author connects readers to her characters in such a believable and endearing way that they want to continue reading, invested in learning how it all turns out. 

Molly Daniels