The Reward of Anavrea (The Theodoric Saga #3)


FANTASY:  Jayne spends her life protecting the children her wicked father has sired. She has endured abuse, both mental and physical, from powerful men. Unbeknownst to her, her father has secretly betrothed her to a wicked man from the neighboring kingdom in exchange for labor from the men in the village. Her father unexpectedly dies, and Jayne runs away with the children for fear of being murdered by her betrothed for her township. When Liam, the Kings Bodyguard, saves the Queen he is given a fortress and township which, after the death of Jayne’s father, should rightly have belonged to her. Jayne does not trust Liam’s patience and good intensions, but circumstances force her to face the challenges that life present in order to save her siblings, her home, and her life.


One’s heart will ache for Jayne and her siblings in their struggles to create a safe and happy life for themselves after the death of their father. The language and details of the kingdom are well researched and evoke a strong imagery. However, the evil neighbor who wants to marry Jayne is cartoonish and Liam is just a little too perfect, understanding, and patient.  Jayne and her precocious siblings are well rounded and believable characters that instead of hiding are finding that they have strength and abilities that they didn’t know they possessed. The well-developed plot keeps the story moving forward. By turns this is heartwarming and heartbreaking tale of Jayne’s quest for a safe home that leads her to discover her own strength and tenacity.   


L. Kane