Rehearsals and Regrets

Michelle Lynn

When Lauren Ballard left a home burdened with painful memories she swore to never return, but after her husband dies in a car crash she gives in to her aunt's plea to come home and see her ailing father. Rebuilding her life and opening her heart to forgiveness becomes an even bigger challenge when she runs into her old high school sweetheart, Kyle Ashcoft, who is now working for her father. Rekindling their old romance is far from what she had anticipated, yet she fears losing him for a second time after she reveals her true reason for leaving, which she has held secret all this time. Will opening up to faith help her overcome and find true love again?


Lauren's situation is both heartbreaking and inspiring, bringing the reader to the brink of despair and then to the height of happiness, with emotion that hooks onto the heart. Kyle on the other hand is admirable but very dry for most of the story, only really capturing the reader towards the end when he finally shows some of his emotion and begins to bear his soul. A strong sense of faith is prevalent for those who enjoy inspiration mixed with a love story. "Rehearsals and Regrets" is intense and with characters in very real situations enforcing a message of honesty and healing.


Lauren Taylor