Next Stop: Nina


NEW ADULT/PARANORMAL/TIME TRAVEL:  Nina is the product of a typical middle- American home; she has one older brother and a father with an abusive hand. Getting hit is not an unusual thing in her home. Her escape is dance and art. She's not always the best dancer, but she loves paintings. One in particular, her absolute favorite, takes her to a happy, peaceful place. Once suicidal and traumatized by the death of her brother and parents, now she longs for solace. Her dream is to meet the artist one day that created the beautiful painting and her dream does come true. It was love at first sight, and she finally feels loved and cherished almost instantly and in the years that follow. Can she hold onto Lens and move past her haunting childhood memories?


Over and over Nina is forced to relive her past; in her nightmares and in her everyday life that she travels back to multiple times. Each time Ms. Raven contorts the emotions with more feeling than the last. The time travel (or Echos, as they are referred to) are a bit confusing and take some leaps through time and experiences rather quickly. The way the heroine is depicted with severe depression who suffers with suicidal thoughts is well played out. The plot moves slowly until about halfway through, but the well-written love story holds readers attention in order to find out if Nina and her heart can heal and continue to live, when she’s not quite sure how much time there is until she does it all over again. 


Viola Robbins