My Heart Weeps


WOMEN'S FICTION:  Melena Rhyker is in the throes of despair. Her husband of thirty years has died after a brief illness. Along with his death, it also brings the end to their hopes and dreams, her sense of security and her questioning what God’s plans are for her life without Jon. As a dabbling artist, Melena comes across an artist’s retreat in Hill Country, Texas. Melena enters the contest to attend the retreat and wins. Packing her bags with a heavy heart, she makes the journey from Mississippi to Utopia, Texas, in the hope that God is leading her toward a new, healing destination. Garrett Saunders is not your typical cowboy. With secrets of his own and a past he keeps running from, can he finally find his peace in Hill Country?

“My Heart Weeps” is a heart-wrenching story of love, loss and finding one’s way out of the darkness with the help of faith, family and friends, old and new. Readers may have an issue with the lack of easy transitions in the beginning chapters, which makes for some abrupt changes of the storyline. Melena’s blog and journal entries that really delve into her mental journey seem to vanish as the story continues, unfortunately. However, a few minor inconsistencies do not take away from the premise of this story. Readers who are themselves dealing with a tragic loss, or want to help someone going through one, should consider reading this story and basking in the hope it brings. 

Alison Ellis