Make-Believe Fiancé: Make Believe Series


CHRISTIAN:  Divorced, practically broke, and working at a local diner to make ends meet, Gwen doesn’t think life can get any lower, until she also finds herself in need of a large amount of money and soon.  Heath, wealthy and good looking, has it all—except the CEO position his father refuses to hand over—not until Heath proves he is ready to settle down that is.  Desperate to find a date for his cousin’s wedding to show his father he is ready, Heath comes up with a crazy plan: hire someone to act as his fiancé for the weekend.  When Heath offers the “job” to Gwen, she feels as if it is the answer to all her problems.  Both dive into the transaction assuming it will be all business, but neither is ready for what happens when the job ends and life begins.

Anyone who loves a good Cinderella story will enjoy this one.  Ms. Holt has created two main characters that readers will fall in love with and ultimately hope for a happily-ever-after ending for the two.  Although the story line is a familiar one, the characters create a fresh spin and bring something new to the table.  The climax of the story, however, falls too quickly, and too many plot lines are left without detailed answers.  Ms. Holt has built a delightful world where a few dozen more pages fleshing out the story would have made for an even better tale for her audience.

Amy Cefoldo