Losing Lincoln (The Liberator Series #2)

Stephenia H.

HISTORICAL:  Matthew and Annabelle are in Elmira, NY, looking down into a prison camp trying to find his brother George. With so many Confederate prisoners, finding him seems impossible. Once they have him, they journey to her maternal Grandparents’ home farther north, not knowing if a Southern belle, two Confederate deserters, and a farmer—all with knowledge of plots against President Lincoln—will be welcome. As those who plot evil catch up with them, and the end of the war happens with the swipe of a quill, their adventures have not ended.


Set in the chaos of the Civil War, and using real people from history as characters, this is Book Two of a trilogy and covers only a short time period, ending the night of Lincoln’s assassination. This journey encompasses putting families back together, finding lost family, and love, all amidst one of the bloodiest times in American history. Even Civil War history buffs are going to learn things from this story! The richness of the setting and descriptions are amazing. Being the second book, there is background missing, but it isn’t filled in quite properly; missing elements from previous happenings need to be close to the front, not in the middle. Although the history and characters are well written, the Bad Guys read as pure caricatures, not as men intelligent enough to pull off an assassination. This is a decent story - one readers will want to go back to Book One for, and then continue on to the end.


Julie York