Living Through the Pain: The Lonely Me

Cathy A.

MEMOIR:  Cathy Kurtz, an admirable and courageous woman, tells the remarkable story of her own journey from unending sorrow to a rich, blessed life.  After losing her parents, brother and sister-in-law in a plane crash when she was only 16 years old, she expects to bond with her only living brother, but instead is treated maliciously by him. She turns to a disrespectful and abusive boyfriend, the only other person in her life. After years of mistreatment by both she tries her best to find a way to heal all of the pain and to begin again. When she is confronted with the full degree of her brother's animosity and with much to forget and forgive she discovers inspiration and hope for a happy life with God's guidance.


Beginning with a satisfactory introduction and quickly getting to the heart of the main source of pain for Cathy, is enough to draw the reader in.  As Cathy continues on her path the amount of difficult and trying situations start to become overwhelming. It can quite easily feel as if one's heart is beginning to break while reading. Her despair is real; but for some readers it may be challenging to keep hope of ever reaching the end and finally seeing Cathy in get some happiness. The connection with God and a new set of events that lead her there do lighten the overall story, yet it seems to take its time arriving. An inspirational and heart wrenching story for those not afraid to shed some tears.


Margaret Faria