Living Sacrifice (The Talented Book 3)


CHRISTIAN/PARANORMAL: Zezilia is a warrior whose days are filled with prayer, study, writing, and ferrum training. She is also trained in the Talents, which means that with permission, she can enter a person’s mind and communicate with them. Still, she feels like half a person since Hadrian, the sept son left last month to fight the Elitists who are trying to overthrow the king. Now she has been given additional duties: to train Ariana in the art of the ferrum and to act as a healer. She is ill prepared to be a healer, but she prays to the Almighty for guidance. When word comes Hadrian is lost, Zezilia despairs but asks for strength and for him to be found. Hadrian is found unconscious. It will take the best healers to restore him. Once he comes around, he asks Zezilia to marry him. He patiently awaits an answer.

“Living Sacrifice” takes the reader into the realm of the Talents, where those who are trained can have mental conversations. Zezilia’s character is interesting and fully developed, whereas Hadrian needs more growth. This novel is slow moving, bogged down with extra information and unnecessary details. Sato and ferrum are just a few of the unique words used in this story which are not explained, leaving the reader at a loss. Editing is a problem, with an abundance of typos and improper word usage. This is distracting and interferes with the flow of the novel. The Talented characters have a solid relationship with God, which contrasts nicely with the Elitists. A thought-provoking story which is best if read after the first two books in the series.

Belinda Wilson