Lake Bride: A Sweet Western Romance (Holiday Brides Book 5)


Bridger Holt has faithfully served in the army since he got out of high school. For the last two years he has served as a sentinel guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. When his time in the army comes to an end, he is left wondering what to do. When his beloved uncle passes away, he finds himself the owner of a cabin filled with memories and family history. In the small town of Holiday with his cabin on the lake, he has come to seek solitude and peace. Shayla has made the town of Holiday her home for years and has always enjoyed her ventures outdoors. When Shayla interrupts his solitude at the lake with her vivacious personality, sparks begin to fly. As Bridger and Shayla spend more and more time together, they find that these opposites might create one whole.

A sweet and fun story about opposites attracting, this tale is a heartwarming read. Bridger and Shayla have instant chemistry. Shanna Hatfield brings the stoic Bridger to life with a backstory that makes this all-American hero come to life. When Shayla’s bubbly personality comes into the story, sunshine radiates from the pages, and like Bridger, the reader is instantly drawn to her warm and sunny disposition. The story is cute and sweet, but it’s missing any heartache or opposition typically found in a love story. Something feels missing from the storyline, and because of this lack of arc, the character development is also lacking. A sweet Western romance without the heartache, this read is filled with warmth and love.

Cara Cieslak