An Informal Date (Informal Romance #4)


For months Kimi Fairchild has served “Dr. No-Name” (as she calls him) his morning coffee at the hospital, but has never managed to converse with him.  When she meets him at church through a young cancer patient, Kimi discovers that he is Dr. Owen Pratt, who is working hard for his pediatric cancer drug to achieve FDA approval.  Owen is aware of his lack of social skills, but his abruptness still puts Kimi off at first.  However, he needs a date for a reception where he’ll meet those he hopes will help his drug on its journey to success.  What will happen if Kimi agrees to accompany him and begins to get to know him?


Readers looking for an inspirational romance a bit different from the norm should consider this one.  Owen and Kimi are not the standard characters one would normally expect, and Owen especially is interesting, although readers may wonder if he is completely realistic.  It is refreshing to see that their faith is an integral part of life for both of them, and the author strikes a good balance of not presenting that in a way that is heavy or overdone.  It would be nice, perhaps, to see a bit more depth to the story and characters, but there is certainly much to enjoy as Kimi and Owen navigate their way first to friendship and then to something more.  This novella would make a quick and undemanding read accompanied by a cup of Kimi’s coffee.


Heather Belleguelle