Grow, Damn It! The Feeding and Nurturing of Life


Cheryl Oreglia is a mother, wife, teacher, and secret book blogger. In a series of short essays, blogs, and tales, she pens a true account of her own life. With family and friends who help her get through many daily trials, Cheryl is able to weather everything life sends her way. From love to loss, then back again, each part of Cheryl’s life is told simply yet poignantly with a lot of heartfelt feelings and truth, which is evidenced by the beautiful pictures and sayings interspersed throughout. At times readers will laugh and at others cry as each story is told. As Cheryl goes through each steppingstone, from youth to old age, she writes each morsel with astute observations, funny happenstances, and witticisms that make this thing called life not a bad thing at all.

What a deeply thought-provoking novel filled with one woman’s lifetime journey. Yes, the story reads as a self-help cautionary anecdote yet somehow manages nevertheless not to be preachy. This book makes the tough parts of life much more manageable while not taking everything so seriously, even when that seems like an impossibility. Ms. Oreglia never picks on anyone for their short-comings yet still knows how to find gratification and hilarity within herself, even with the sorrowful things that can and do happen, which in truth is the beauty of the narrative. Readers will not only relate to each milestone but relate to Cheryl herself too. Ms. Oreglia could be considered a wonderful life coach who should be teaching all her sage advice to others!

Roslynn Ernst