Grass Valley Brides: A Sweet Historical Romance Set in Grass Valley Oregon (Regional Romance Series Book 3)


HISTORICAL:  Mrs. Cara Cargill, the world-renowned match-maker, can’t seem to find a match for Taggert “Tagg” Thompson. So Cara sets up her best friend, Daisy Bancroft, as his next mail order bride. When Daisy arrives in Grass Valley, Tagg’s friend, Dane Dalton, picks her up instead. Cara’s sister Bridget “Birdie” Byrne decides to run away to meet Tagg. As she waits for him, she meets Rance Barlow, another one of Tagg’s friends. Birdie turns Rance’s life upside down. Cara hears that her sister has run off to Grass Valley to try to marry the mysterious Tagg. Cara must go and retrieve her sister from Grass Valley. She meets the elusive Tagg and just can’t figure him out. Still Cara can’t resist Tagg, and he isn’t willing to let her go either.

This book is pretty ingenious; there are actually three stories combined in one! The stories might be separate, but they’re related to each other too. Daisy’s story, the first one, moves slowly but fluidly. Daisy’s relationship with Dane is sweet and believable. The second story, Birdie’s, feels rushed, and the relationship doesn’t ring true. Readers may have trouble connecting with Birdie and Rance. The third and final story, Cara’s, feels a bit more developed, but Cara left everything in Philadelphia to marry Tagg, so the book and the story feels unfinished. There is history between Tagg and Cara, but it isn’t explained until the end. All the stories are enjoyable and fun to read—filled with humor, lots of mishaps and most of all, love!

Roslynn Ernst