Glorious Sunset


King Taka has waited 400 years to find his wife - but when he finally meets her, she has no idea who he is!  Victoria Jackson has made her own life, but something is missing.  She’s never had good luck with men – she doesn’t really love her current boyfriend Jerome, he’s just …convenient.  Until Taka appears and sweeps her off her feet!  Now here’s a man she could get used to, except he’s just so kingly and arrogant!  Who does he remind her of?  Something nags at the edge of her consciousness, but she can’t pin it down.  Taka only has three days to try to get her to remember.  He tries to show her how much he loves her, but Violet is buying none of it, and Taka goes away. When she realizes who he really is, she’s heartbroken.  Will she ever have Taka to love? 


“Glorious Sunset” is a modern-day romance with an unusual twist!  The relationship between Violet and Taka does not disappoint, their relationship is both spirited and tender.  The timing skips around somewhat, making the story hard to follow.  But this lovers tale will keep readers turning the pages to find out if Violet and Taka will finally connect in life to be together forever.  


Victoria Z. Burg