Gift of Grace: Gifts of Christmas Book 1


HISTORICAL:  Moving across the country after the Civil War, Nora and J.B. Nash hoped to start anew in the small town of Pendleton, Oregon and build a life full of joy and laughter.  However, when tragedy strikes their family, grief consumes their hearts and lives.  As J.B. throws himself into work on the ranch, Nora isolates herself, stewing in sadness and anger.  The more time goes by, the farther apart the two find themselves, and J.B. wonders if they can ever rekindle the love they once had.  As Christmas looms ahead, will the holiday season be just what is needed to draw them out of their grief and unite them once more?

“Gift of Grace” is a heartwarming story about the power of love, grace and the Christmas season in spite of the hardships and grief life may bring.  The way J.B. and Nora individually deal with their grief, provides readers with different perspectives to relate to. The descriptions of the small community, day to day living and friendships all work together to place the reader in the time period, allowing one to imagine she too is right there with the characters.  Ms. Hatfield does a good job of dealing with the topic of grief, never down-playing the pain or allowing any one moment to fix it.  At times, the plot seems rushed and the timeline jumps quickly, which may leave readers wanting more information.  In the end however, readers will adore this a touching Christmas story.

Amy Cefoldo