From the Frozen Depths (Children of the King – Book Three)


SPECULATIVE FICTION:  Princess Padar Lacer arrives on Dharani Island anxious to meet the people she will rule and serve, but a case of hasty misunderstanding sweeps her off to a rather chilling and dangerous encounter. Her medic training has not prepared her to be a sponge to the military commander, Jym Fountayn. Jym, the young and intelligent military commander, perceives himself as invincible, until caught in the freeze ray's sights. Padar and Jym’s first encounter will alter their purposes, setting them on a collision course with the King’s plans for them both.


Ms. Clover creates an island setting with a wide variety of climates rather than the moderate temperatures one might expect. Her cast moves more quickly than believable, from high snow covered mountains to a coastal port, leaving one to wonder at the distance. Place the inconsistency aside and the reader will find themselves engaged in an interesting tale, even if not familiar with the heavy references to the King’s book one quickly identifies as the Old Testament. The correlation used is consistent, if at times heavy handed.


Character personalities could have been more fleshed out, as well as settings for individual scenes and the novel's wrap-up is a little too tight, neat and happily-ever-after. "From the Frozen Depths" is placed in a setting that is entirely fictional and the author, in general, uses her pages sensibly, engaging the readers imagination.


Shaunna Gonzales