Forever Friends (Home to the River, Book 1)


Widowed Millie Farnsworth is active, independent, and pretty much set in her ways. Although she misses her late husband, she’s content. Hank Cason is Millie’s widowed neighbor who just happens to route his morning walk past Millie’s door. They were couple-friends when their spouses were alive and remain good friends now that they’re alone. When Hank proposes marriage, Millie is left with a dilemma. Is she willing to give up her newly acquired independence and become part of a couple again? And, how will Hank’s family react, not to mention Millie’s busy-body sister-in-law Clara.

A well-written and thoroughly enjoyable look at a much-later-in-life couple. The love-hate relationship between Millie and the nosey Clara is hilarious, right down to Clara seating herself in a lawn chair on the corner to spy on the entire neighborhood. Hank and Millie conspire to give Clara something to talk about and, in doing so, strengthen their bond and develop an attraction that goes beyond just best friends. Hank’s sense of humor and teasing is perfect for the storyline, even occasionally causing Millie to blush without being too forward. His character is often heroic in both thought and deed which makes him a perfect romantic lead. At times the backstory drags a little bit, while at others it gives the reader insight into the characters’ personalities. Millie’s concern over fitting in with Hank’s family, given she’s known them their entire lives, seems a bit weak for an otherwise strong character. Fans of inspirational/sweet romances with a good dose of humor will enjoy “Forever Friends.”

N.E. Kelley