Dream of Her Heart (Hearts of the War Book 3)


HISTORICAL:  In the middle of World War II, Billie Brighton’s focus is on helping nurse soldiers back to health. This leaves little time for anything, let alone love.  Then in walks Lieutenant Zane West and she knows her heart is in trouble.  Zane arrives at the veteran hospital to visit a friend before shipping out, only to find that the captain has escaped from the hospital.  Billie offers to help Zane look for his friend and in the midst of searching, the two spark up a friendship either ever expected or knew they needed.  However, this connection will span thousands of miles, bring hope, and maybe help the two overcome obstacles in an unexpected twist of fate.

At a time in U.S. history that is historically full of sad stories, this is a sweet glimpse into the softer side of the war.  Although Billie is a fictional character, one can fully imagine her as a real nurse, tending to the wounded and recovering soldiers, bringing hope, and a smile to tired souls.  Zane’s story brings readers into the cockpit of the war, reminding us what soldiers endured for our country.  The friendship Zane and Billie form, their connection, the sweetness and romantic moments will warm the hearts of lovers of a good romance story.  At times, the reader must slug through moments of monotony and unbelievable or unnecessary plot lines, which bring the overall enjoyment and believability down a notch.  In the end, “Dream of Her Heart,” with a beautiful relationship and the backdrop of the 1940s, will draw all who enjoy a good historical fiction story to its pages.

Amy Cefoldo