Devon’s Choice


Devon is content with most of her life. She lives with her dad and dog, Bubby, she works in a coffee shop, and all of her needs are met. The only area where there is some discontent is that she is dating the very rich and distracted Michael. Then Brandon walks into the coffee shop and orders a coffee – black. She knows this handsome man is special. After she starts going out with Brandon, life grows even better. Her father, Charles loves Brandon. Devon is just concerned because her father has started taking more and more nitroglycerin tablets. Everything is going smoothly in her romance until disaster strikes. Is their love strong enough to withstand this tragedy?


This is a very nicely done Christian novel. It’s a fast and enjoyable read. The characters are well fleshed out and exhibit deep emotions ranging from deep sorrow to raging anger. The situations are very realistic, too. The biggest disappointment in the story is that there is way too much foreshadowing that something is going to happen to Charles. After a few chapters, the novel becomes very predictable. Devon is faced with some very tough choices and the reader sees her grow from a young woman with little responsibilities to a woman who is ready to take full charge of her life. Brandon also has a lot of personal growth going from a man on his own to one who wants to settle down and start a family.


Belinda Wilson