Chasing Someday


WOMEN'S FICTION:  Three women all share one heart-wrenching secret: despite years of trying, praying, hoping, wishing, and planning, motherhood is out of reach. Despite doing everything right, Megan has suffered through six years of insanity-inducing hormone drugs to have a child and met only failure. Even worse, her star student becomes pregnant by mistake. Her neighbor, Christina is also struggling. After being off birth control for a year, she’s more than concerned with the lack of a child and the crippling pain of her monthly periods. With her marriage under immense strain, convincing her husband of the importance of seeing a doctor seems to only prolong her fears. Finally, with a happy three-year old daughter, Kyra is the last person one would suspect would be struggling with fertility, but drowning in debts and secondary infertility issues, her path to motherhood looks equally grim. Facing heart-wrenching choices, each woman must decide what she’s willing to do and give to be a mother.


A truly remarkable contemporary work, readers will find their hearts aching and tears flowing along with the main characters as each couple faces different circumstances around their infertility. The story does a fantastic job of not only building each couple and providing background, but also explaining the different options available for people dealing with fertility issues, as well as some of the options for teens facing unexpected pregnancies. With a smooth pace and plot, and plenty of emotional depth, this is a must read for contemporary fans!


Sarah E Bradley