Catching the Cowboy


Emery Brighton thinks her family name puts her above the law until she finds herself in front of a judge who happens to be her uncle. Realizing his spoiled niece deserves a lesson to break her out of her self-centered lifestyle, he punishes her with community service. Emery is astonished to learn the seemingly simplistic sentence is to live at Summer Creek Ranch consigned to a wardrobe that does not suit her billionaire family lifestyle. At the ranch, Nell Cole and her grandson, Hudson, are not sure what to make of Emery. With each day of serving in the local community, however, Emery digs deep within herself. She discovers that she certainly cannot cook, but she does enjoy the small-town lifestyle, especially once she learns how her uncle and father came to send her on this small-town adventure.  

“Catching the Cowboy” is a fun and lighthearted romance. Readers will enjoy the lesson of what happens when a spoiled adult child thinks she can get away with anything. Unfortunately, it is hard to believe Emery would just do as she is told as quickly as she does and dismiss her past life so easily. Hudson’s story of lost love and of single parenting is relatable and makes him even more of the perfect romantic lead. The backstory as to why Emery’s family chooses Summer Creek Ranch to tame her will draw readers in to find out what more Emery will do in service for the town. Emery’s and Hudson’s romance develops in a charming way. “Catching the Cowboy” delivers on its promise that a cowboy can be caught, even by a spoiled heiress. 

Moira Wolf