Brides and Betrayal (Reconciled and Redeemed #1)

Michelle Lynn

Holly and Hunter have been happily married for years. She wants to start a business - not because money is an issue, but in order to feel useful and like her life has meaning.  Hunter wants her to remain a housewife. Though perfect on the outside, their marriage is based on lies and unbending beliefs from both of them. When the breaking point comes, and betrayal sets in, they both must learn powerful lessons in order to move on. They must also learn that moving on doesn’t necessarily mean together.


Though Christian in setting, and with believers as the characters, do not be fooled into thinking this to be a light read. Bitter resentments, betrayals, searing self-doubt, and a new level in lack of communication will drag the reader through a lot of darkness before the light is found. After a happy childhood and only two years in her biological father’s house, the amount of self-hatred Holly has is sometimes over the top. Understandable and needed to drive the story, but not completely believable against a woman strong enough to make tough decisions. Hunter’s bitterness is completely normal, as are his reactions to everything. Yet despite all the darkness, there is hope as the two of them learn, separately and for different reasons, about repentance, forgiveness, and how to move beyond. Their journey is not a happy one, and even in the end, it’s still not a perfect one, but it is a journey of finding peace that is well worth the heartache.


Julie York