Borrowing a Fiancé: A Sweet Romance (Borrowing Amor Book Three)


Melinda Garrett is slaving away at the family diner where she can’t stand working. When Melinda has to attend her sister Bree’s wedding, she is forced to bring a date though she isn't seeing anyone. Who better to ask to attend the wedding but her best friend—Daniel Armstrong? Daniel agrees to go with Melinda to the wedding as her fake fiancé, so Melinda can win back her freedom. Of course, when Melinda arrives, things are definitely strange. Bree doesn’t act like the happy bride-to-be; her parents won’t listen, even when she pleads with them to sell the diner, and worst of all Daniel, her best friend, is not acting like a friend should. Can Daniel trust Melinda with who he really is and with his heart?

There is much to enjoy in this story because each scene feels true to life. The plot moves with deft believability. Unfortunately, the characters’ physical attributes aren’t very well drawn, so trying to imagine them is somewhat difficult. The romantic relationship of the main characters also feels forced because of the circumstances. Melinda, the brash sarcastic heroine, always seems to have a witty comment for everything yet doesn’t know how to stand up for herself, so she comes off as a weak protagonist. Daniel, the strong silent type, is wonderful at not only helping Melinda but everyone else too. This book is a wonderful, light-hearted and funny romantic comedy that not only brings many unlikely characters together but manages to keep the reader smiling!

Roslynn Ernst