Begin Again (Home In You #2)


Ti Russo is running from a past that has caught up with her, but when she stops in a beach town she meets Drew Anderson, who makes her want to forget where she’s come from and stay with him. Drew is a dad who can’t afford to take risks on people with secrets, but Ti opens up a part of him he’d thought long-dead. Can he chance falling in love with her when she might leave him empty and broken-hearted? And can Ti find safety in Drew’s arms or is she destined to run forever?


The small town setting of Ocracoke is the perfect backdrop for Ti and Drew’s romance. The townspeople provide a memorable secondary cast and readers will definitely connect with the characters, from the gruff restaurant owner to the town’s playboy. The heroine, Ti, has a complex backstory, and her reasons for running are flimsy at best, but she is still sympathetic enough that readers will be rooting for her to get her happily-ever-after. Drew also has a complicated life story, with death and betrayal causing him to close up his heart and focus on being a good dad for his daughter. At times, his actions seem too heavy-handed for the situation and he blows hot and cold so often with Ti that it becomes repetitive, but readers will love this damaged hero who is learning to trust again. "Begin Again" is a sweet romance that draws the reader in and will make them believe that love really can conquer all.


Kate Campbell