As Angels Watch

Norma Budden
with Michael T. Ingram

Michael and Jonathan are guardian angels dispatched from Heaven to watch over their earthly charges, Collin and Jewel.  This young expressive couple met each other on the internet and while they knew it might be kind of crazy, they desired to meet each other in person and see if they had a connection that was even stronger than online. Collin soon takes off on an adventure to meet Jewel and these angels with a zingy sense of humor make the journey as well, offering protection and words of wisdom into their inner conscience. Jewel finds many interesting twists that occur within her normally dull life, but now it seems anything but.  

Jewel places her job as a teacher on the line as she comforts and shares her love with a brokenhearted young girl in her class. It is through this love that God helps her to see Him in a larger and fuller degree than ever before.  Author Norma Budden beautifully highlights the importance of being real with our emotions and how at times we handle them well and at other times they seem to handle us.  “As Angels Watch” is more than just a book about romance; it enables one to realize there is hope, healing and a future when God is placed first within one’s life.


Darin Godby