Always With You


Isabelle knows her family keeps dark secrets that alienate them from everyone and leave her lonely and desperately yearning for love and acceptance. Just as Isabelle is ready to leave for Stanford on scholarship, she is attacked and would have been raped if not for the timely intervention by a handsome and kind young man.

Tyler knew nothing but abuse until he escaped with his younger siblings and found a  religious sect called “The Faithful”.  Although most townsfolk hate the sect, Isabelle can’t stay away from Tyler.  He and The Faithful followers give her the love she has always ached for.  But, soon after they marry the truth begins to leak out.  Things are not as they seem and Isabelle is faced with the choice of leaving the man she loves desperately or endangering herself and her child in a life of lies.

An extremely fine and poignant story of how good people are drawn into cults and the ramifications of their choices!  The beginning of the book seemed very simplistic, leaving out anything deeper than basic concepts.  This is especially true of the budding love story.  It is insta-love and marriage before readers even have a grasp of the events.  As the story advances, however, the author does a fabulous job developing the characters' journey from innocent acceptance to realization of the depths of cultism. The story exquisitely depicts today’s world and what happens when there is little love and nurturing support. It also teaches the message of true Christian love and God in a meaningful way without banging it forcefully in.  Overall, a very enlightening and lovely read that gracefully teaches important lessons!

Ruth Lynn Ritter