Aiden (The McKeegans #1)


HISTORICAL: Eireann is the only surviving member of her family after the Civil War ends. With few choices, word reaches her that her fiancé’s family in Montana is looking for him, and brings with it the hope to reunite with Callen. Unfortunately, trauma and scars from the fire lingers, and the kindness from the McKeegans makes Eireann’s growing feelings for Callen’s cousin, Aiden McKeegan, and the little orphan girl he adopts more complicated. Aiden knows he shouldn’t be developing feelings for his cousin’s fiancée, but the little girl tying them together makes it challenging. To further complicate matters, strange things begin happening around the ranch - and to their neighbors. Then Callen returns with a chip on his shoulder and he’s full of fury. Finding their happily ever after will take trusting God and some serious communication, but love’s journey is rarely easy.

A sweet western romance set just after the events of the Civil War, this book features, Eireann who is full of survivor’s guilt and gun shy of relationships or trusting in anyone, and Aiden who is hardworking and trying a bit too hard to be honorable. As a result, most of the plot deals with miscommunication, with any actions by the antagonists largely happening to the side or off screen to simply force the plot forward. Further, the relationship development relies a great deal on what the characters say they feel about the other instead of showing what they feel or fleshing out their characters. Thus, this book is a sweet romance, with minor action and Christian threads, and a happy ending with little depth or development making it a simple and light read.

Sarah E Bradley