Yours, Dorothy


With the British Civil War going on, the last thing Dorothy expected was to fall in love. As royalists, she and her family are fleeing from England looking for refuge in France. On the way, she meets William, and the two of them quickly fall in love. With families on opposite sides of the war, however, these two are the picture of star-crossed lovers. Over the years many things try to pull them apart including war, family obligation, society, and themselves. As time begins to run out, William and Dorothy must choose what’s most important to them, duty or their hearts.

Based on a true event, this love story will leave readers wondering if William and Dorothy will beat the odds to be together. “Yours, Dorothy” brings its characters to life, drawing on readers emotions and creating characters that are easy to connect with. Unfortunately, there are so many characters it’s hard for readers to keep track. This hurts the flow of the book since readers will constantly have to go back and forth figuring out who is who. In addition, Dorothy and William’s relationship speeds up so much it’s no longer organic. The book goes from Dorothy barely tolerating William to jumping forward in time so much that the two of them are now in love. This skips pivotal points in their relationship readers would enjoy learning about. Lastly, the book drags at points with similar situations occurring repeatedly, which can be boring. Despite this, readers will enjoy the historical aspects of the book while following along with the sweet romance. 

Hannah Hurdle