Wylder Bride (The Wylder West)


Maisie Brinley, a young, strong-willed woman, utilizes her words to turn away eligible bachelors from the wealthy Boston scene. Maisie holds a secret from her overbearing mother on why she refuses these bachelors. When Maisie meets the local preacher, he tells her of letters from men in the wild frontier looking for wives. Maisie reads one, and a spark is ignited. When Maisie’s mother gives her an ultimatum, Maisie leaves Boston in the dead of night to travel by train to Wyoming, where she hopes a new husband, and a new adventure awaits. With her dear friend, Cara, by her side, they step off the train into a world unknown to both young women. While there, a love blooms for Maisie, but is the captain she came to Wyoming for the actual one who wrote all those letters? And why does she feel an overwhelming connection to the local gunsmith, Cyrus Haddock, the captain’s best friend? 

Ms. Zeigler has written a charming story filled with loveable characters that will have the reader rooting for love. Though some readers may find the story slow to start, the pacing does pick up and has a beautiful love story unfolding throughout. Aspects of revenge, discovery, adventure, and change are all included throughout the pages of this engaging tale, bringing excitement and fun. The author has written antagonists who bring suspense and unknowns to the book. As Cyrus and Maisie combat the hardships that occur, their friendship and new feelings blossom like a rosebud in spring. This quick-to-read tale will have readers living vicariously through the pages of the Wild, Wild West. Absolutely delightful!

Heather Kroll