World of de Wolfe Pack: The Saint


Marasili de Ville is running for her life. She is headed to Scotland, back to her family. Marasili’s late husband has just died and her husband’s brother has accused her of murdering him. Lord William de Wolfe, Geoffrey de Wylde, is the greatest Knight in England and is also known as “The Saint.” When he comes across Marasili he is determined to escort her to Scotland, much to her chagrin because she knows he will only slow her down. The Saint doesn’t truly believe Marasili’s story, and so it is his plan to slow her down until her dead husband’s brother comes looking for her. Will The Saint be the great Knight he is purported to be or will he hand Marasili over to the evil man claiming to own her?

Although somewhat different from other historical romances, the idea is the same: a heroine is in need of a hero to come and save the day. There are not a lot of new twists or turns in “The Saint” and the plot moves slowly. Still, lovers of Kathryn LeVeque's de Wolfe Pack will enjoy the overall plot in this entry into her "Kindle World". The fact that this is a novella could explain why it suffers from abbreviated descriptions of landscapes and characters.  Ms. MacRae’s characters are an interesting addition to the world, and historical romance lovers will find it easy to fall in love with "The Saint".  

Mary-Nancy Smith