WolfeBlade (de Wolfe Pack Generations #4)

Le Veque

After finishing his business in London, Andreas de Wolfe is left with some unusual free time. His friend takes him to a debauched underground club where all wear masks. He encounters a beautiful, frightened woman seeking the exit and feels an instant connection, but when the two make plans to meet a day later and reveal their identities, Andreas is left waiting alone. He returns home, despondent, and months later is sent to defend a smaller ally from warring Scots, only to be shocked that the ally’s daughter is the woman he’s been searching for. When he finally learns the truth Gavriella was hiding, it’s much darker than he anticipated, and Andreas must keep her safe from the enemy plaguing her if they’re to have a future together.

This book is perfect for those who love a slow burn with battle action and an instantaneous connection between the main characters. While not exactly likable at first, standoffish Gavriella has a traumatic past to overcome and undergoes quite a bit of character development over the course of this lengthy story. Andreas is the epitome of the chivalrous knight, and after waiting his entire life to find true love, he’s not about to give it up easily. His willingness to fight for, and accept Gavriella no matter what, is perhaps the greatest element of this story, even if the actual romance is a bit tepid. Fans of the de Wolfe pack world are sure to enjoy this story and the ironclad familial bonds on display amongst the various supporting characters, but newcomers to the series will also still be able to follow and enjoy this action-packed story.

Niki Price