To The Wind (Anton and Lenora #2)


Anton Boudreaux is fearless in the face of danger. In his lifetime he’s shot a man through the heart in a duel, taken over a ship and crew when his captain took ill, escaped the hangman’s noose after false charges of kidnapping, and nearly broken speed records sailing his ship with only half a crew. But when it comes to his love, all bets are off.

Lenora is the very sea air Anton breathes. She softens all of his rough edges but is in trouble for the murder of her fiancé. Anton sails for ‘Frisco, hoping to outrun rumors and consequences when yellow jack strikes his ship and catches Lenora in its unforgiving grasp. Suddenly the man without fear, fears losing what he loves the most. And there’s nothing he won’t do—even if it means abandoning his own ship.   

 “To The Wind” is an aw-worthy love story and one of the few books told completely from the male perspective. Anton’s warring emotions and gallantry are believable and his tenderness is particularly heart-warming. Carbone is a tremendous storyteller and it’s easy to sail along in Anton’s world.  Unfortunately, just as we’re building to plot crescendo , the story is stunted and leaves one feeling a bit restless and unfinished. However, it’s easier to take than a cliffhanger and one can patiently await the beautiful, continuing tale of Anton and Lenora!

Sofia St. Angeles