Wilhelmina, A Winter Bride (Brides for All Seasons #1)


WESTERN:  After social disaster strikes at home, Wilhelmina Wilkins chooses to head west in response to an advertisement for a mail order bride. Unfortunately, her dreams are shattered on arrival, as she discovers her prospective groom is not only late to meet her at the station, but brawling at the town saloon. Marcus Hamilton didn’t send for a mail order bride, but reluctant to disobey his ailing mother who did, he goes to town to meet her. He quickly regrets his decision to get a drink when his fight puts his engagement in danger, because the instant he lays eyes on the beautiful Wilhelmina he determines to never let her get away. Can the pair find love despite bad first impressions or will Wilhelmina choose another?

The first book in the “Bride for All Seasons” series, this historical romance set in a small western town begins with a bang and keeps going. With strong main characters, interesting side characters, and a steady plot, this story is one that readers will have a hard time putting down. Although the story lacks any major new ideas or twists, the characters are likeable, the romance sweet and clean, the pace steady and somehow the reader will find themselves not only breezing through this book but picking up the next one as well. With a few appropriate Christian elements to the tale, and a bit of action thrown in, this is one book any fan of western historical romances will want to read.

Sarah E Bradley