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Johanna Wade came to Missouri to help her father lead a missionary wagon party looking for  a place to settle. The trip is her chance to become closer to her long absent father. After all, there’s nothing holding her to her former life.  Heartbroken (her fiancée died), she has no interest in men, however she seems to have attracted the attention of two. First there’s  Reverend Green, a young man and her father’s protégé, someone who would be a good match.  Then there’s Ryan Major, the trail leader. He is a trapper, mountain man and completely unsuitable. Unfortunately, Ryan is the one holding her attention, if only by fighting with her all the time.

Ryan has a mission of his own – to find the man who murdered his brother. He has no time for the distraction of a beautiful girl and everything she makes him feel. With all the dangers on the trail, he’ll need all his skills to make sure they all survive the treacherous trip. Definitely not time for love! But some things are simply inevitable.

This is a trail story, stretching through months of small successes and failures, mishaps, celebrations, tragedies and romance. The interesting cast of characters makes the experience enjoyably entertaining! There were flaws – Johanna’s sometimes immature behavior, and at times the too-dramatic actions from various characters. The  biggest drawback  was  the rushed ending. There are declarations of undying love, and then suddenly, a time jump to two years later with a (rushed) reunion. Very frustrating!  Still, the story is intriguing and definitely an adventure worth reading!

Ana Smith