A Wild Night’s Bride

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Following the death of his wife, Sir Edward (Ned) Chambers has been celibate for three years. He arrives in London to lease a house for the Season for his seventeen year-old daughter's coming-out. Viscount Ludovic DeVere, Ned's best friend, is keen to see him start living again. With an invitation to The King’s Place, a high class brothel, where the Feast of Venus is to be enacted and fantasies indulged, DeVere plans to lure Ned back from his self-imposed celibacy. For three seasons Phoebe Scott has worked as an actress at the Covent Garden Theatre. With the theatre temporarily closed for renovations , she finds herself out of work. What she needs is a wealthy benefactor. Phoebe's friend is the costumer for Madam Hayes, the owner of The King's Place. What better way for Phoebe to find a benefactor than at the brothel for the Feast of Venus, where she will be able to meet a number of rich aristocrats. Her protector will not only enhance her acting career, but keep her in luxury.

 With this completely delightful Georgian escapade, Victoria Vane has proven that she can write not only a historically detailed story, but a fun-filled romance. For Ned and Phoebe, these two lonely soul-mates, their romance is destined. Ms Vane writes with a beautiful hand. Her prose deftly brings the Georgian era to life with all its opulence and licentiousness in a humourous caper.  A Wild Night's Bride combines descriptive, historical detail with a funny, light-hearted romance and tantalising love scenes. I wish there were more romances of this calibre that engage the intellect, the heart and the senses. Highly recommended.

Jill MacKenzie