Wild Lord Taggart (Those Scandalous Taggerts Book 2)

Tammy Jo

REGENCY:  Reese Taggart wants to escape his past. He decides to travel to a plantation he won in card game after surviving a duel. When he gets on the ship, he meets Circe Hayhurst and she immediately gets his attention. Circe wants to have a family, a loving husband and children. When she realizes she is on the same ship as Lord Taggart, with his wild reputation, she is determined to keep her distance. The plantation is not what either of them expected and they have a difficult job on their hands. They find comfort in one another as the situation becomes worse. Will they be able to find what both of them want?

The second book in “Those Scandalous Taggarts” series tells the story of Lord Reese Taggart. There are some very steamy scenes and sexual tension in this book. What takes away from the book are the scenes that seem to drag on and become boring. Tammy Jo Burns has aced the dialogue and settings along with the characterization. This is an ideal book for the avid historical romance reader who enjoys some hot sex scenes and a love story. A good addition to the Scandalous Taggarts series, readers will enjoy this one and bring them back for more.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick