Widows of Somerset (Timeless Regency Collection Book 15)

Rebecca Connolly, Jen Geigle Johnson,
Heather B. Moore

REGENCY:  A collection of three stories sharing the theme of Regency widows who find themselves destitute. “An Heir to Spare” features Lady Lyndham, who is dealing not only with grief, but the reality she is about to become homeless. In steps former clergyman, Ned Richards, to “save the day”, and of course, pursue the widow romantically. “The Widow of Lavender Cottage” finds Lillian Hunter turning up on the doorstep of her only inheritance: a quaint cottage nestled in a lavender field—in an awful state of disrepair. Again, the hero shows up as neighbor Oliver, who dons handyman clothing to begin renovations without even being asked. “A Promise Forgotten” follows widow Charlotte Ashford as she heads back to live with her mother, whom she finds living in poverty. Charlotte’s best friend is there to support her, but the fact that her brother, Brand, once stole Charlotte’s heart isn’t helping matters any. 

As a collection, these three tales mesh together extremely well, all sharing the interesting similarity of a “secret society” of young widows who meet for tea on a regular basis. The group’s mage, Lady Joanna, touts two main themes: maintain your independence, and don’t fall in love again. Of course, being romances, one knows this last stipulation is bound to be broken—and in the most delightful ways. All three plots maintain a lively pace and the writing is enjoyable. In the second tale, “The Widow of Lavender Cottage,” the reader stumbles on the formal prose and inconsistent tone. In contrast, the dialogue in “An Heir to Spare” is so engaging it’s difficult to put the book down. One must wonder if these young widows’ spunk is true to the period, but as a “wish this was how it could have been”, the tales certainly keep the reader on board. Three clean, wholesome Regency romances for the price of one, and well worth a read!

FS Brown