The Widowed Countess (The Sons of the Aristocracy #2)

Linda Rae

Shortly after the sudden death of David Fitzwilliam, Earl of Norwick, his widow Clarinda finds herself pregnant just as she begins her year of mourning.  To make matters worse, she now has to contend with her husband’s twin brother, Daniel.  Although they haven't spoken in years, he is now the Earl - and she will be sharing her home with a man who claims that Clarinda married the wrong brother and broke his heart.  To complicate matters further, David's ghost is haunting them both - hinting to Clarinda that she is carrying twins and urging Daniel to investigate his death, and to be just a bit nicer to the widow Fitzwilliam.  


This quirky historical romance isn’t the usual run-of-the-mill story!  It is unique in its inclusion of the haunting by the dead husband and his urging of his twin brother to marry his widow. The misunderstanding of which twin courted Clarinda and won her heart seemed unbelievable because at the beginning of the story she was deeply in love with her husband. To be confused over it after his death shouldn’t have been that big an area of contention. This problem also slowed the progress of the story line. 


Nevertheless, this is an amusing tale with interesting characters and witty dialogue, but don’t discount it as just a historical romance without considering the hot, steamy sex! It’s an enjoyable story that reads smoothly, and that ghostly third character puts a nice twist and spin on it. 


Janna Shay