The Widow’s Redeemer

Philippa Jane
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fter the death of her abusive, no good husband, Lettice Burton is now penniless and without hearth and home. Thankfully her mother-in-law, Clarissa, takes her in after losing her husband as well. Letty finds herself among the upper echelon of London society, and wishes to remain quiet and unnoticeable. Wishes don’t always come true, however, and after the most eligible bachelor takes a liking to her, Letty becomes fodder for the rumor mill.
Viscount Beauford is a wealthy scoundrel who likes the fact that he is always at the edge of scandal. Disliking Letty Burton when they first meet, he is surprised to discover that he is rather intrigued by the fact that she is very different than the women he knows. She isn’t interested in his title or money, and he likes her sense of humor and sharp tongue. When she suddenly disappears, however, the Viscount realizes his feelings might go deeper than he is willing to admit.
Although starting out a bit slow, “The Widow’s Redeemer” picks up speed about a quarter of the way through. Letty Burton is a strong woman in light of past hardships, and glows with emotional warmth and humor. Through Ms. Keyworth’s writing, her characters sprit and fire radiantly shine, and the readers cannot help but be  warmed by its rays! This story is filled with all kinds of delectable angst, and drama, while still delighting one with its heartfelt charm!

Tonya Smalley