The Wicked Rebel (Blackhaven Brides #3)


Lady Arabella Niven is firmly on the shelf. Having been sickly her whole life, she has little chance of living long, let alone happily. However, she will not be bartered away to a man her father’s age for that man's political gain. Punished for refusing the man’s proposal, she and her two aunts land in Blackhaven, a place of waters like Bath. The notorious Captain Alban has pulled his ship in for repairs, and nothing prepares the hardened sailor and the cough-wracked old maid for the spark that will fly when they meet. He can no longer hide from his past, and doubts he can make her his future.

Set during the time of Wellington and privateers, this charmingly unusual tale of love when it is not thought possible is a breath of fresh air. The main characters are not in line for Dukedoms or Earldoms, though secondary characters are. Bella and Alban are strong and their own people, though typical for the times. Their attraction is fast, though it feels natural, a progression full of conversation and understanding, and intrigue. There are random antiquated words thrown in for no apparent reason. He goes against his sailor’s nature to show her respect throughout, so the last few chapters having explicit sex scenes takes away from their journey, and his growth. The setting and characters are sure to be ones any reader will enjoy visiting often, and as this is a third book, new readers and those already in love with this town will find plenty of heartwarming tales and full personalities to spend an afternoon with.

Julie York