The Wicked North (Hearts Touched by Fire, #1)


When Louisiana-born Jack Fontaine escaped his father to attend West Point, he never believed his loyalties would be divided, but when Civil War threatens he has to choose between his roots and his new friends, the Virginia-based Silvers family. Drawn to Emma, but forced to marry Charlotte, Jack’s actions have long-lasting effects for all involved. No matter what has happened he can’t let the war destroy Emma, so he attempts to get her to his family in Louisiana. However, crossing the country during a war is no simple task. Is he Emma’s savior or is he leading her into destruction?


Military history buffs rejoice! This romantic historical of war-torn love will set hearts aflutter with love as well as hate, as the characters battle their emotions as well as their enemies. Be prepared for despair and hope, trials and joys, and the horrifying all-too-real conditions of battle during the 1860s. One can almost smell the gun powder, see the formations of soldiers, and hear the boom of the cannon blasts as each page is turned. Unfortunately, this story suffers from shallow character development, mystifying behavior, over-the-top emotions, a wonky timeline, and a plethora of misunderstanding on all sides. Jack’s decisions baffle this reader and the insta-love between he and Emma strains the bounds of believability to its limits as they spend little time together to warrant so grand a love. However, Ms. Danna shows her love of history with her finely crafted details of the Civil War. With some strategic tweaking this battle of hearts could win the war.


Carol Conley