The Wicked Lady (Blackhaven Brides #2)


Widow Kate Crowmore is believed to have committed adultery — society's greatest sin. Seeking to avoid the scandal she travels to Blackhaven, where she finds refuge with friends. The last person she expects to seek her company is local clergyman Tristam Grant. As the illegitimate son of an earl Tristram is not one to condemn or point fingers, and once he meets Kate he senses there is more to her than anyone would expect. However, with secrets of his own to keep, he is hardly in a position to help Kate with hers.  Having captured Kate's interest, however, he may be the only one able to keep it. With a French prisoner on the loose, and Kate’s scandal haunting her every step, can the clergyman win the heart of the wicked lady?

The second book in the Blackhaven Brides series, “The Wicked Lady” features an old rival in a pickle. Kate and Tristram are an odd but delightful pairing. The conflict is complex, and so entangled in Tristram’s secrets that it borders on comedy. The romance between Kate and Tristram starts sweet and ends on a smoldering note. Although the story is somewhat predictable overall, and most of the characters are a teensy bit shallow, the hero and heroine are such an engrossing duo that lovers of period romance will not be able to put this one down. With any luck, Kate and Tristram will make further appearances in future books.

Sarah E Bradley