The Wicked Husband


Willa Blake is called in the middle of the night to bring her gambling cousin the family purse. What she doesn't expect is that she will become part of the wager. She and a drunk Lord Daxton hatch a plan to elope across the border into Scotland. Lord Daxton is very surprised the next morning when he wakes up with Willa as his wife. The unexpected union sparks all sorts of scandal. It provokes the wrath of her family members who are jealous of her higher status. The slander and jealousy become the catalyst for murder attempts, accusations, and conflict with Daxton's mother. Few people want to see them stay married. As they start to suspect their marriage might be more than one of convenience, more problems ensue.

"The Wicked Husband" will satisfy a craving for the steamy regency. The setting of the small village Blackhaven is the backdrop for all sorts of mischief. The precarious town paired with eccentric characters makes for a very entertaining read. The characters are memorable and will stay with the reader long after reading. If scandal determines good Regency, this tome has plenty, making for invigorating entertainment. Though parts of the plot seem out of place, and some additional backstory is needed, if one loves a good duel or two and a romantic tale, they should pick up this novel.

Jessica Samuelsen