The Wicked Baron (Blackhaven Brides #1)


Lord Wickenden, better known as the Wicked Baron, has fled to the Cumbrian coast after a duel leaves his continued freedom hanging in the balance.  At the request of an old friend, he investigates a local madam with her hooks in a friend’s son. He learns a bit too late that the delightful Gillie Muir is too innocent to be a conniving hussy. Still, there is something about her that draws Wickenden’s attention. Gillie and her brother are trying to keep afloat somehow; unfortunately, their innocent attempt at gaining respectable income seems to have not only the Watch on their backs, but has garnered the attention of spies and smugglers alike. When the Wicked Baron becomes involved, Gillie risks not only her reputation, but her heart as well.

The first book in the “Blackhaven Brides” series features Gillie as a delightful heroine with a mind of her own, and Wickenden as a rogue grown tired of the charade. “The Wicked Baron” is full of diverse adventure, with romance being only one steamy thread. The mystery behind the men after Gillie will keep one guessing. The cast of characters are diverse and amusing, and the interactions between the different characters will keep the reader entertained and hopeful that the next book in this series features more than a few. Although the conflict is resolved a bit quickly, and the overall plot is predictable, this is one romance regency lovers won’t be able to put down.

Sarah E Bradley