Where the Four Winds Collide

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Adeline runs west to escape an abusive fiancé and father. Half out of her mind upon her arrival in Four Winds, Texas, Adeline is mistaken as the mail order bride of the breathtakingly handsome Jackson Pruitt. Despite individual worries, the couple quickly fall head over heels for each other - until Adeline’s ex, Billy, arrives with a mouth full of stories. Will Adeline and Jackson’s relationship survive when betrayal, guilt, and lies threaten their very lives?

High praise for Hildie McQueen! Readers will alternatively cheer, blush, and cry over Adeline and Jackson as they struggle to be together. Unlike many western historical romances that involve an ex that comes back to steal the hero or heroine and is quickly defeated, Billy does manage to do serious damage to their relationship for a time. As a result the characters feel more realistic and readers will find themselves staying up for hours to read just one more chapter to find out what  Adeline and Jackson will do. The side characters and minor plot threads are also well done, their stories are interwoven perfectly for the greatest enjoyment without slowing down the story or filling needlessly. The writing is steadily paced and keeps to the time period well and the romance itself builds from a flame to a toasty fire! Readers searching for good western romance will definitely find this one to be worth the read!

Sarah E.B.