When Highland Lightning Strikes


PARANORMAL:  Rejected as the new clan leader, Angus MacAnalen must begrudgingly reevaluate the life that he once thought was his destiny. Resolved to a new path, he finds himself shaken by the mysterious and fetching Shona. Following her parents' death, the peculiar Shona is cast out and discarded to a faraway uncle. Determined to hide her abilities from the new clan, she has no desire to accept her uncle's mandate to marry. But when the strong and handsome Angus begins his persistent and romantic pursuit, she finds herself questioning her previous oath. Can they both put behind them their fears and mistrust, to rebuild a new life together?


Period romance fans will find a new treat when diving into this latest novella installment!

"When Highland Lightning Strikes" is a successful standalone read, and one doesn’t feel shorted for not having started with the beginning of the series. Furthermore, the author continues to deliver a unique twist; this time by gifting the heroine with telekinetic abilities to move natural objects. While a reader will salivate over Angus’s strong, alpha male pursuits of Shona, one senses her angst and resistance in her Uncle’s proclamation to marry her off, as well as the difficulties in concealing her abilities from her new clan. However, while little nuggets of information are placed throughout to spur one forward, a few turn of events are left to be assumed and pieced together by the reader. Those wishing to find their next Scottish pleasure will not be disappointed with Ms. Blair’s writings!


Stephanie Lodes