What Happens in Piccadilly


Chaos greets Calliope when she enters Winn’s household as the newly appointed governess to his nieces and nephew. Even though he clearly has no idea what to do with children, he is terribly handsome, even when he is maddening. Winn thought his home being overrun by children was bad enough, until Calliope shows up. She looks like no governess he has seen before. She’s as distractingly beautiful as she is infuriating. When he sees a portrait, however, he realizes that Calliope may not be the unwanted child of unknown parents as she was led to believe. If she is who Winn thinks she is, she is wealthy and powerful—and people want her dead. 

Chaos indeed! “What Happens in Piccadilly” is an intricate regency read filled with suspense, romance, and humor. The novel follows multiple characters, each with their own distinct personalities and backstories. The story itself is detailed and fleshed out, though it sometimes runs the risk of becoming overburdened with too much plot. The romance takes a backseat to the rest of the narrative despite having many amorous scenes between the lead couple. Initially, their relationship feels like lust at first sight, but develops as the story progresses. Some readers may take issue with how freely the heroine speaks her mind given the time period, but she otherwise comes off as strong and admirable. The only glaring issue is how easily Winn discovers Calliope’s true identity.  If he was able to figure it out so easily, why had no one else up until that point? Despite this, the novel is among the best regency romances released this summer. 

Arec Rain