Wendy’s Pirates

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Traveling home from London, Wendy Darling has a chance encounter with a dashingly handsome naval officer that leads both into each other’s company repeatedly.  As kind and chivalrous as Captain John Hooke is, however, Wendy refuses to be charmed.  Wendy’s secrets and broken heart demand that she stay very far away from any naval man, and most especially one who seems to be the answer to her dreams.  When disaster happens and a dear young friend is kidnapped, Wendy must put her prejudices aside and accept the help that John can give.  And, as their very lives depend on each other, perhaps the demons of the past can be put to rest and love might begin to flourish, if only Wendy can fight for a future beyond her past.

An incredibly imaginative twist on the classic Peter Pan tale!  Once the excitement begins, this story reads very much like the original with all the adventure and swashbuckling antics, but with a completely new take. The biggest problem with the story is that Wendy’s character is so unlikable through the majority of it. Readers are given no specific reason why she is so nasty to John. Her rash actions make little sense, and John’s actions stretch believability, as does all the self-flagellation on both their parts! There is also a weirdly sudden and completely unbelievable turn in the pirate captain’s personality after just one conversation with Wendy that seems way too far-fetched to be believed. If one can get over those hurdles, though, the ending is absolutely lovely! One will close the book, happy with this creative re-telling.

Ruth Lynn Ritter