Wedding Wagers (Timeless Regency Collection Book 11)

Donna Hatch, Heather B. Moore,
Michele Paige Holmes

Three wonderful stories — three wonderful authors! 

Donna Hatch gets the party rolling with “A Wager on Love”, which is centered on Phillip, the brother of a Duke, and Meredith, the daughter of a factory worker.  Phillip believes he and Meredith are meant to be, but his friend disagrees. Their difference of opinion leads to a friendly wager. Can Phillip beat the odds? 

This is an adorable story, told with humor and tenderness. Readers will appreciate the humor and realism in this touching tale. 

Next up is “The Final Wager” by Heather B. Moore.  Juliet is at the mercy of her ne’er do well brother and needs to find a suitable husband. Victor is drawn in by Juliet’s innocence and beauty and wants to help her.  To help find her a husband, he throws a party on her behalf, and bets she will garner at least three marriage proposals. 

This story is a solid anchor for the trilogy, as readers witness Juliet’s blossoming character growth. The rousing conclusion will leave readers breathless! 

Coming in third is “An Improbable Wager” by Michele Paige Holmes.  A childhood bet  between a farm hand and a future earl comes back to haunt them as adults. Eli is in love with Emily Montgomery, his boss’s daughter, but his feelings are unrequited.  When his old pal, Alexander, proposes to Emily, Eli is resigned to his fate.  However, a surprising revelation takes the story in a stunning new direction! 

This story has a couple of shocking twists and is a very nice way to conclude this lovely collection of stories. 

Each story is unique, clean, of equal quality, and is recommended to all historical romance fans! 

Julie Whiteley