The Wedding Affair


Sally Ford is supposed to marry Lord Ellicott. She doesn’t have feelings for him, though, but is convinced she’ll learn to love him over time. Six years ago, she was head over heels for Captain Felix Hastings, but he broke her heart. She was convinced he was after her money, and didn’t love her so she broke off their engagement.

But now Felix returns, and learns his beloved Sally is set to marry someone else. He wants to clear the air with her and fix the miscommunications of the past, but in doing so, he might open himself up again for all the passion he thought he buried deep inside. And Sally too feels her love for Felix never really disappeared… 

The first book in the Rebel Hearts series is a thrilling, historical read! Sally changed and grew a lot throughout the book. At the start, she was easily influenced by those around her, but as time went on and she learned more about herself, she became less easily swayed, and more determined and sure of what she wanted. Felix was an intriguing character. He was sweet and caring, and although brave and strong, he didn’t have a controlling personality. He was the kind of person anyone would care for, and he and Sally had a lot of passion and chemistry. The one downside to the book was its lack of originality. It doesn’t stand out from other historical romances. Nevertheless, it was a pleasant, engaging read. 

Majanka Verstratte